Corporate Gifts

At Forrey & Galland, our packaging is a testament to our promise of quality and customization. Every element and detail of production can be personalized.

Excellency of Packaging

In line with our haute-couture philosophy, each and every box is carefully handmade to guarantee impeccable finishing and quality.

Whether it is to store your jewels or use as decoration, our boxes come in different colors and materials; the artisans are capable of personalizing every element and detail of production. Whether it is the material, size, shape, embossment, or ornaments, anything imaginable is possible.

Forrey & Galland carefully selects the best velvet, leather, wood and silk from France, Italy and Switzerland and many other places all over the world to ensure bespoke quality and the best value.

Elegant and sophisticated wooden boxes with impeccable finishing. Perfect office gift or home accessory. The Forrey & Galland packaging division is equipped to handle all needs and requirements. In line with our Haute Couture philosophy.

All creation of packaging takes place in the atelier where the artisans are their own critics; with a strict work ethic, their concern for detail is demonstrated in the perfect finishing.

Special Materials

Forrey & Galland has a wide range of boxes made from special materials such as wood, velvet, leather and even silk.

Sourced from around the world, these boxes are the perfect gift and will surely leave a memorable impression.