GOLD EMOTION is a blend of sparkling Apple Drink without alcohol and with food-grade 24-carat gold flakes. Being traditionally the most precious metal and endowed with many superb properties, gold has always fascinated and attracted people.

Gold has medicinal properties and is more than a symbol, it is a perfect metal. Bubbles are fast and furious and make the gold akes dance to delight the eyes. Not only the freshness enhances the delicate nesse of this Apple Drink on the palate, but also reveals its captivating fruity and sweet taste. The elusive gold akes turn this tasting into a enticing magical moment.

GOLD EMOTION  is perfect for anyone who does not want to drink alcohol, but yet wants to enjoy a festive drink. It is appropriate for any glamorous evening when there is something happy to celebrate.

Also perfect for kids or teenager’s parties where GOLD EMOTION will be the drink to share, as nowadays, kids want something unique, cool, but most importantly something fun.

GOLD EMOTION is made from apple cider varieties, which are cultivated in France. The juice has no additive or added sugar and only the very best fruits are used to make this 100% natural apple juice to enhance the natural fructose of the fruit.

Prior to the bottling process, the 24-carat edible gold flakes are added and the drink is gasified. GOLD EMOTION offers unique know-how in regards to gold-leaf gilding and bottle customization. We are also able to perform custom engraving with a perfect finish in our workshops.