With original flavors such as flowers, spices, fruits and even tea and natural ingredients carefully selected from all over the world, all of Forrey & Galland creations are a true delicacy. The result of much research and a strive for perfection is a collection of Chocolates, Macarons, Dates, Arabic Sweets and much more that surpasses the expectations of many.

From start to finish each piece is intricately handmade to infuse the desired flavor. The process of infusing our flavors into our products allows for a tangible difference in the quality of the product and the experience that results thereof. As a testament to the luxurious experience that is a result of the products, Forrey & Galland was awarded to the coveted title of “Best Luxury Chocolates” by Gulf Connoisseur in 2010 as well 2013.

These awards have affirmed that Forrey & Galland has indeed set the standards for the haute-couture of French chocolates in Dubai, offering the highest quality of chocolates.