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Cèdre du Liban / Virginia Cedarwood

Cèdre du Liban / Virginia Cedarwood

The Cedar House Fragrance of Lebanon pays homage to this very beautiful perfume raw material. His departure is lively and natural, mixing citrus fruits with subtly spiced pine needles. A true break in the open air where the woody notes of cedar and wood of Gaïac wrap with milky sweetness. A fragrance full of freedom.
The perfumed secret Cedar du Liban is widely used in perfumery. The wood chips are distilled to give an essential oil, with a dry, green, resinous odor, characteristic of the good smell of paper pencils. Renowned as rot-proof, Cedar has been used since ancient times and is associated with immortality as it was used to make sarcophagi. It is often used in perfumery as a backbone of compositions and as a base note. The perfume A perfume of wooded and spicy house. Top notes: Pine, orange, lemon. Heart notes: Clove, coconut. Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla. Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol

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