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You crossed stretches of hot sand, slowly climbing the abrupt Atlas. You left the ocher of Marrakech for the red lands of the Ouzoud valley. In front of you, an oasis, and in its heart a waterfall: welcome to Berber lands.

The Aroma Energy Zest Tonic Scented Bouquet is the promise of a well-deserved stopover: a touch of freshness in the heat of summer. From its glass flask, a grain of sand frosted by the wind, ten sprigs of willow spring ten times. Enjoy this welcome stopover thanks to the combination of French savoir-faire and aesthetics: a cold perfume system by capillarity, and a perfume, guaranteed without dyes, developed in Grasse by master perfumers. The assurance of purified air with efficiency and elegance.

*Forrey & Galland is the only exclusive Distributor in UAE