The History

A French Name

Forrey & Galland was born at a time when Europe enjoyed the golden years of La Belle Epoque. It was an era in the 1900s where Paris became a vibrant capital and all sought to genuinely experience the joy of life; a time of all things beautiful and luxurious, and a time when the concept of haute-couture was being born!

The year 1912 saw the birth of a luxury Parisian chocolate house, one where handmade chocolates were a reality. Forrey & Galland firmly established itself in the heart of Paris as it opened two shops in the prestigious areas of Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore and Avenue Victor Hugo. As history took its course, the world order changed, and the house became defunct. However, the spirit of this 100 year old Parisian chocolatier never faded as it was soon rejuvenated by Isabelle Jaouen and Vincent  Moret in Dubai.

A Revival Story

Dubai was finally able to add one more achievement to its impressive list of accomplishments: the arrival of an haute-couture chocolate house with a Parisian touch right here in the Middle East.

The opening of the boutique in Dubai Mall in 2008 meant that the secret recipes of this exceptional French chocolate house could now be discovered by the passionate chocolate lover.

It was inevitable for Forrey & Galland to experience such immense success! This French name with French chocolate making beliefs and values has mesmerized and enchanted anyone who has experienced its products.

French Know-How

Forrey & Galland is name that symbolizes the French tradition of luxurious and handmade chocolates, macaroons and so much more, with a commitment to perfection and excellence. From the moment a chef envisions his idea, to the moment it becomes something your are able to taste and see, everything is made locally to ensure a seal of freshness.

Together with the creativeness of the French chefs, and an eye for carefully selecting the most premium ingredients, the result is a collection of sweets so luxurious, it is a rare and exclusive one!

The Forrey & Galland Atelier in the UAE is the heart of all creations with over fifty artisans. As all of the production takes place within this space, the Atelier witnesses a never ending explosion of artistic ideas.

The Boutique

The Forrey & Galland flagship boutique opened its doors in The Dubai Mall in 2008. Today it is one of the most photographed!

The boutique was drawn and imagined by Aude Cousin, a well-known French architect that has already created many other luxurious boutiques. Also collaborating on the project was a famous Iranian artist who has worked on the restoration of ancient monuments in Europe. Their task was to create the quintessential haute-couture boutique… of chocolates.

In the spirit of luxury, the handmade work for the ceiling took 15 days to complete, and the breathtaking hallmark crystal chandelier took over 100 consecutive man-hours to perfect. One by one, the copper leaves were pressed against the ceiling, and the crystals laid intricately against each other to create an artistic masterpiece. With more than 4,000 crystals in the entire store, it is a show stopping sight.

With so much thought and effort invested, Forrey & Galland invites you into a world of utter perfection.