Acrylic Boxes

Today Forrey & Galland is a name that has succeeded in setting the standard for the haute-couture of French chocolates in Dubai, offering the highest quality of chocolates with unique and subtle flavors. From start to finish each piece is intricately handmade to infuse the desired flavor. The process of infusing our flavors into our products allows for a tangible difference in the quality of the product and the experience that results thereof. Our Rahash ganache, made from a secret recipe, our Halwa truffle made from some of the finest Royal Omani Halwa and our Earl Grey Tea ganache are some of our most popular sweets not to be missed! Forrey & Galland also has its on Sugar Free Collection. Made using Maltitol, this ingredient acts as a sugar substitute. With fewer calories, it does not promote tooth decay, and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose.

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FROM 600.00 AED