Bougie Immersion | New Fresh Eucalyptus

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It is an escapade, a trek, a climb. It is a breath of fresh air, an onslaught of nature!

The Fresh Eucalyptus scented candle reveals its intentions from its very first flickers. It is the colour of nature, with a green glass body that dazzles and penetrates you. Eucalyptus, accompanied with a few citrus notes, surprises us with its dynamism and its aromatic surges on a base of amber with the woody accents of oak moss and cedar.
Beauty and olfactory pleasure are not the only qualities offered by Maison Berger Paris scented candles. Safety and harmlessness are just as important. Maison Berger Paris scented candles are made traditionally from 100% plant-based wax. They do not contain any animal substances or colourants. The cotton wick is specifically plaited for each fragrance for optimal diffusion and clean burning.

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