Bouquet Premium parme Lolita Lempicka

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20 years ago, Lolita Lempicka offered a new forbidden fruit to the Garden of Eden. Two decades later, Maison Berger Paris is joining her on her poetic quest. This Transparent Premium Scented Bouquet writes a new chapter of a fairytale and draws a new botanical painting. Everything speaks of lightness and grace. Elegance and subtlety. The transparent glass body is faceted in splendour. The finely worked gold ring seals a scented alliance with 6 natural willow twigs. The fragrance is a faithful interpretation of the iconic “Mon premier Parfum” by Lolita Lempicka, in the form of a scented bouquet by Maison Berger Paris. It recreates the femininity and sensuality of the body fragrance with sweet and floral notes of liquorice, violet and tonka bean. This meeting between two design houses is a celebration of French know-how and the shared desire for excellence. A fragrance, guaranteed colourant-free, developed in Grasse by master perfumers; a cold perfuming system through capillary action which does not compromise on aesthetics or technique. Master perfumer tips For anyone who is not yet familiar with the emblematic fragrance from the Lolita Lempicka universe, or for fans of Première Heure, this Violet Premium scented bouquet will be the ideal gift! It is a lovely extrapolation of the universe created by the Parisian stylist and, in addition, it comes in a pretty white and black boxed set, subtly enhanced with a golden floral decoration. Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent. Change your twigs each time you change the perfume. Pour a few drops of fragrance onto the middle of the ceramic flower to start diffusion.

*Forrey & Galland is the only exclusive Distributor in UAE

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