Gold Emotion | Alcohol Free

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220 AED (Price excl. 5% VAT)

75 cl Exclusive non alcoholic sparkling apple juice 100% natural with 0% alcohol
with 24k pure eatable gold flakes


Gold Emotion offers unique know-how in regards to gold-leaf gilding and bottle customization.


Gold has traditionally been considered as the most precious metal. It is the perfect metal. The most famous cosmetic brands use gold in their formula nowadays for its antioxidant properties.


We know today that, more than a symbol, gold has medicinal features. It has been used throughout the ages to improve mental capacities, regenerate deficient organs and it is currently advised for nervous weakness, breakdowns and against fears and frustrations. It also favours blood circulation, relieves arthritis and stimulates cellular activity. Some people even say it is an aphrodisiac.


Since the XVth century then, gold has been largely used in medicine and now in cosmetic or food and beverage. Gold is good for health and gives only benefits to your body.


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