Recharge Bouquet Parfumé Pétillance Exquise

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It has the impetuosity of sparkling wine, the elegance of holiday decor, the flavors of a generous table. It is a Christmas that promises to be festive, a happy end of the year.

It all starts with citrusy top notes and sparkling grapefruit zest. Then hatch this heart so floral, the elegance of the rose and lily of the valley jostled with subtlety by the greed of patchouli. Finally, the final bouquet: the effervescence of exquisite nectar, the passion of a suave musk. The perfumed secret If it is the contrast between the zesty notes and the gourmand notes of our perfume that will bring him his sparkle, it is indeed the patchouli that gives him this heart so festive. Plant native to Indonesia, patchouli was introduced into perfumes in the mid-nineteenth century. He suffered for a long time from the sulfurous reputation of the mundane women who particularly liked his sweet scent. It was not until much later, in the 1960s and 1970s, that patchouli, acclaimed by hippies, was elevated to the rank of the olfactory icon and symbolized forever exoticism, freedom, and sensuality!

*Forrey & Galland is the only exclusive Distributor in UAE

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