Petal Box - 4 pcs

48 AED

The Diwali exclusive petal box is the perfect colourful addition to your Diwali table! The petal box contains 4 pieces of assorted praline truffles coated in a delicate layer of marzipan.

Forrey and Galland are honouring the spirit of Diwali this year with an exclusive collection of gifts and sweet treats. From an elegant set of vibrant gift boxes to a lavish range of ‘all in one’ hampers, bring your loved ones together with a very special gift this season! Indulge in our handmade praline, ganache, truffles and marzipan and discover a special selection of praline truffles coated in a delicate layer of marzipan- perfect for sharing with friends and family after your lavish Diwali feast. Each sweet treat in the collection is also handmade, using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. The perfect gift awaits your Diwali celebrations!

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