Significance of Dates

Dates infused with a variety of flavours in a gift box

While dates are a popular treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, breaking your fast with them is a significant Ramadan tradition.  

Dates are known to be an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are packed with potassium, iron and calcium and give a natural energy boost after a day of fasting. 

Stuffed dates are also a popular gift to exchange during both the Ramadan and Eid seasons. Here at Forrey & Galland Chocolatier, we offer a variety of high quality dates infused with flavours inspired by the local culture. 

Our Khidri dates are embellished with our unique date paste recipe and combined with an array of luxurious flavours including pistachio, orange, rose, almond and halawa. Following the French know how of chocolate making, discover our decadent sesame nougatine dates, filled with orange marzipan and coated in chocolate for a decadent gift. 

Surprise your loved ones with our classic box of embellished dates or adorn your Iftar table with our elegant keepsake silver date trays. 

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