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Happy World Chocolate Day!

Happy World Chocolate Day!

July 7th marks a sweet occasion for all chocolate lovers, highlighting the day this beloved sweet treat first made its way to Europe in 1550. Chocolate has a sweet history, once deemed a highly luxury delicacy only accessible to royalty and often used as a form of currency. Since its sweet arrival in Europe, it wasn’t long before chocolate become a beloved sweet treat enjoyed by all. 

Our chocolatier has a uniquely rich history, adopting the luxury concept of haute couture in the 1900s and incorporating it into our handmade creations. Making our way to the UAE from Paris, we continued the tradition of classic chocolate making, blending French traditions with rich local flavours for a unique offering. 

Join in on this sweet tradition and celebrate World Chocolate Day with a luxurious gift box from Forrey & Galland. Select from our generous array of boxes and customise your selection with bestselling flavours from rose to, halawa to rahash, enrobed in our silky milk, white or dark chocolate. 

For a premium exclusive gift, discover our selection of refreshingly fruity handmade chocolates, infused with sweet and citrus flavours to cool off this summer.

The perfect gift awaits!


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