Forrey & galland travels

With original flavours such as flowers, spices, fruits and even tea and natural ingredients carefully selected from all over the world, all of Forrey & Galland creations are a true delicacy. The result of much research and a strive for perfection is a collection of Chocolates, Macarons, Dates, Arabic Sweets and much more that surpasses the expectations of many.

we bring you the finest ingredients from around the world


With our coffee chocolates, we’ve elegantly balanced the taste of a premium coffee came from the country of Kenya. From the deep flavours of our 70% dark chocolate and espresso shot effect, or our mellow 40% milk chocolate for a Cappuccino effect. Right through to our delicate and smooth chocolate. Browse our amazing Oriental Coffee Pot chocolate.

The acidic soil in highlands of central Kenya, just the right amount of sunlight and rainfall provide excellent conditions for growing coffee plants. Coffee from Kenya is of the ‘Colombia mild’ type, and is well known for its intense flavour, full body, and pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa and high-grade coffee from Kenya is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world.

Rose petals

Our premium Rose Truffle with white chocolate fresh-cream, scented with a fine rose-note and covered with marzipan. Decorated with dried rose taif leaves originally came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Taste the best of both worlds with Milk Rocher Almond. We blanked our nuts, fresh-roasted daily originally came from the country of Turkey, added with rich milk chocolate for savoury and delicious crispy treats. Perfect for any seasonal celebrations.


Our Milk Choco Dates are a chocolate lover’s true delight. Forrey & Galland chocolates are the result of applying the French art chocolate making to the finest Forrey & Galland dates. Each Milk Choco Date is handmade using premium fresh dates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


A Mouthwatering Dessert: Chocolate Halawa. … The Milk Omani Halawa comes with the best Halawa from the country of Oman with delicious marzipan in it. A layer made from a special in-house secret recipe natural halawa mix, while a chocolate milk cream covers it.


Saffron may not be an easy spice to work with in confectionery. Yet in this halawa it lifts the chocolate flavour with nice sweet, floral and spicy notes. We prefer to add milk chocolate hazelnut praline to this saffron halawa chocolate to slightly tone down the intensity of the flavours to create a sensational mouthfeel. Our Saffron came from the best Saffron maker in the world, India!


All our macarons are hand-made, hand-wrapped in Dubai. Using artisanal techniques and premium quality ingredients, our macarons contain no artificial additives or preservatives. Only natural ingredients such as Vanila fresh from the country of Madagascar.


Douceur D’iran Ganache is our best seller Pistachio flavored chocolate. Fresh pistachio blend to this chocolate combined perfectly with milk chocolate to add soft texture and delicate yet long-lasting taste. Our premium pistachio comes from the country of California.


Our Fresh Mint Ganache is composed of dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint leaves came from Morocco. Forrey & Galland assures that all ingredients are fresh and premium to serve you the best quality chocolates.

Orange blossoms

This sweet Orange Blossom Ganache, celebrates both the flowers and their pollinators…the bees and their honey! A premium orange ganache is sensitively sweetened with cream chocolate and heightened with heady orange blossom fresh flavors. Our premium orange blossom ingredients came from the country of Morocco.

Sesame seeds

A sensorial experience combining the finest chocolate with caramelized sesame seeds. Our excellent Milk Finger Sesame is a perfect harmony of textures and flavors to indulge your palate. Our premium sesame seed came from the best maker of sesame, Nigeria.


Rahash is a sweet milky tahini-based halwa which is an addictive form of Middle Eastern delicacy. We used the best rahash from UAE to give you the best quality of rahash chocolates.