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Forrey and Galland Group


Forrey and Galland is a family-run group committed to their craftsmanship, creating exceptional products that remain true to the classic French know-how.

 The group envisions the long-term development of their luxury brands in keeping with its expertise of innovation and excellence. Ensuring to create a haute couture experience, the group continues to exceed expectations with customer focus being at the core of their values. 

The Forrey and Galland Group is dedicated to preserving the quality, savoir-faire, passion and creativity behind the creation of their artisanal products to bring a memorable experience to the region.

Forrey and Galland

Born during the golden years of ‘La Belle Epoque in the 1900s, French chocolatier Forrey and Galland holds close the savoir faire and art of handmade chocolate making influenced by the rich flavours of the region for an authentic taste. 

Maison Berger

Maison Berger intertwines the French passion for the arts and home fragrances with a highly specialized know-how of purifying techniques to create a luxury line of scented products for the home.

Gold Emotion

Cultivated in France, Gold Emotion is a non alcoholic sparkling apple juice infused with 24 carat edible flakes of gold. On the palate, freshness enhances the delicate finesse of this fine apple juice and its captivating fruity and sweet touch made with no added sugar or additives. 

Dellisse Gourmet

Handmade to perfection in the UAE, Delisse Gourmet sweets will embark you upon a culinary experience that lets you savour the vibrant flavours of the region. Experience unique creations made from the finest of ingredients that have been exclusively hand selected here in the Middle East.