Forrey and Galland.

The Brand

Forrey & Galland was born during the golden years of ‘La Belle Epoque’ in the 1900s in Paris. The haute-couture Parisian chocolate house has since been reinvented and introduced to the Middle East, bringing its 100-year spirit and Parisian touch to the region, making handmade chocolates a reality.

 Merging French chocolate-making expertise with regional flavours, the brand soon enthralled the region with its inspired premium Royal Omani Halwa chocolates.

The Chocolate

At Forrey & Galland, chocolate is a philosophy to a richer life, and the brand brings opulence and passion in each bite, holding close French values and the art of chocolate making. A connoisseur of all things beautiful and luxurious, the Parisian chocolate house presents more than just sweet indulgence. From exquisite handmade chocolates, dates, macarons and cookies to custom hand-painted porcelain, scents and other accessories.

Welcome to
Forrey & Galland

We are a luxury gifting destination; whether it is to gift a loved one handmade chocolates or planning your wedding in the most elegant way, we have widened our offer to all things luxury. We believe this ‘holistic’ approach sets us apart as we have become a destination for all those looking to experience what it means to be in a luxurious, haute couture environment.

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