The origin of the French Macaron

The French macaron has become one of the most beloved treats around the world and has an equally sweet history to indulge. 

The macaron first made its way to France from Italy in the 16th century, where French bakers reimagined the classic cookie. They created a special filling of ganache, buttercream or jam and assembled this between two colourful shells – which is the macaron we know today. 

The French macaron soon became a popular sweet treat in Paris and across Europe, so much so that famous pastry chef, Antonn Carême, included the recipe in his pastry cookbook. This put the now famous macaron on the map as an official classic French dessert.  

Here at Forrey & Galland, our culinary artists are dedicated to the French know-how of confection making, incorporating a unique infusion of local flavours. We have a generous selection of locally handmade macarons in both classic and Arabic flavours filled with our unique cream recipe – perfect for any special occasion!

Select from our vibrant keepsake gift boxes or opt for our exquisite Macaron Pyramids as a unique display for your dessert table. 

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