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How Chocolate Became a Valentine’s Day Staple

valentines day chocolate box from forrey and galland

The idea of chocolate giving has a special connection to Valentine’s Day. 

Chocolate first became associated with love in 500BC when the Mayans began brewing cacao beans.  Eventually chocolate was seen as a lavish ”gift of the gods” in marriage ceremonies.

In 1861, a few hundred years after chocolate became a staple in Europe, an aspiring candy maker decided to sell chocolates for Valentine’s day in special heart shaped gift boxes that would soon become a popular Valentine’s tradition. 

Here at Forrey & Galland true love means chocolates from our exclusive Valentine’s gifting collection. Indulge in our limited edition collection of handmade chocolate boxes and savour decadent flavours from passionfruit, raspberry caramel and more.

All our products are handmade, using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world combined with the french know how of chocolate making for an authentic experience.

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