Forrey and Galland: Bespoke Wedding Services

When wedding bells ring, Forrey and Galland will be at your service with a lavish set-up for your big day.

Offering the finest set of handmade exclusive confections, Forrey and Galland will create a luxurious Sweet Table that aligns with your event theme.

The Sweet Boudoir Table will amaze your guests, presenting a delectable collection of handmade chocolates, macaron towers, petits choux and tarts made just for your special occasion. 

Our bespoke services also cater to your decor, dressing your wedding tables up with a unique and timeless collection of accessories. Our elegant set of accessories compliments the full Forrey and Galland experience, made from high-quality material designed as a keepsake of the special day. 


The team at Forrey and Galland is entrusted with every celebration, offering a range of luxurious giveaways and personalized gifts as a special memento for your guests.


Our culinary artists use only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world to create a luxury collection of handmade confections with a commitment to perfection and excellence. 


For more information on Forrey and Galland’s premium event services please contact our boutique at or send a WhatsApp to 056 434 7914



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