The Origin of the Chocolate Truffle

chocolate truffles

The chocolate truffle is a decadent sweet treat with an equally rich history, with two origin stories surrounding its creation. The first dates back to 1895 when French patissier, Louis Dufour, was working on holiday treats for the festive season. 

With a shortage of unique ideas to present to his customers, Chef Dufour experimented with a fresh batch of ganache, moulding it and dipping it into melted chocolate, creating what we know today as the much-loved truffle.  

The second story claims the truffle was not invented until the 1920s, and by accident. It is said that an apprentice to the famous French chef, Auguste Escoffier, accidentally poured a bowl of cream into pieces of chocolate, resulting in a rich ganache which he then rolled into a truffle and dipped into cocoa powder. 

Although the origin of the truffle is uncertain, the popularity of this decadent treat grew. Over the course of 100 years, many pastry chefs began experimenting with different ganache flavours to create a unique set of chocolate truffles. Today the truffle’s ganache can even include fruit or nuts. 

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