Cool off this summer with our fruity premium chocolates

The hottest days of the year are on the rise, and Forrey & Galland are bringing you a refreshingly addictive collection of premium chocolates to cool off. 

Chill out with a vibrant range of limited edition artisanal chocolate boxes – a tempting treat on a warm summer evening.

Bursting with vibrant fruity flavours, sweeten your summer with the taste of passionfruit, coconut, vanilla, banana and raspberry, each enveloped in a rich chocolate to savour. 

For your summer gatherings, make your dessert table shine with our offering of colourful handmade French macaron boxes, filled with fruity and fresh flavours to savour. 

At Forrey and Galland Chocolatier, our collections are a unique work of art, handcrafted with meticulous care and passion. 

Sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world, we combine classic French traditions with the local culture to produce a fine range of handmade creations with a unique touch.

Make your loved one’s summer extra sweet with an irresistible collection of chocolate boxes as the ideal gift to savour all season.


Order online or shop the collection at our Chocolatier in Dubai Mall. 


For more information please contact our boutique at or send a WhatsApp to 050 530 8306


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