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Ganache Chocolate Origin Story

the origins of Ganache chocolate

Both a sweet delicacy and versatile in flavour, ganache chocolate is essential in the art of chocolate making. Ganache first came around in 1850 and was used as a chocolate coating or liquid filling, growing popular in Europe because it was easy to prepare. 

Legend says that the invention of this sweet treat is all thanks to a mid-19th-century apprentice. Accidentally spilling boiling cream over a bowl of chocolate, the culinary chef in training combined the two ingredients. This created the delicious product enjoyed by many today.

At Forrey and Galland, our handmade ganache chocolates are infused with flavoursome ingredients including zaatar, fresh mint leaves, earl grey and more. We source the freshest ingredients carefully hand selected from around the world to ensure an authentic tasting experience. 

Select your preferred gift box and fill it with our offering of handmade infused ganache! For more information, please contact:

WhatsApp: 050 530 8306

Telephone: 04 339 885


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