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Forrey & Galland’s packaging process is a harmonious blend of precision and artistry. Meticulously curated, each box undergoes a thoughtful journey, from material selection to final embellishments. Our skilled artisans ensure that every detail aligns with our commitment to luxury and perfection.

But our process extends beyond craftsmanship, allowing clients to customize materials and colours to suit their unique preferences. From an opulent selection of materials, such as velvet or silk, to choosing a colour palette that resonates with the occasion, we invite you to create the visual narrative of your gifts.

Our bespoke approach ensures that each keepsake illustrates the individuality of the sender and recipient, making every moment extraordinary.



Here at Forrey & Galland, we take pride in the craftsmanship that defines our artisanal handmade chocolates. Our skilled chocolatiers meticulously blend the finest ingredients from around the world, infusing passion into every creation.

From selecting premium cocoa to incorporating handpicked fruits and nuts, each ingredient is a testament to our commitment to quality. With precision and care, we mold and embellish each chocolate, creating an exquisite array of flavours and textures that elevate our confections to unparalleled heights.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our decadent chocolates, where every creation tells a tale of our dedication to you.



Elevate your gifting with Forrey & Galland. Artfully designed and handcrafted, our packaging is a masterpiece in and of itself. Our talented artists adorn each box, drawer and cabinet with intricate details and luxurious finishes, using high-quality globally sourced materials including leather, velvet, and many more.

We believe that the first impression is as important as the delightful treasures inside, making our packaging an integral part of the experience we offer our clientele. Each element tells a story that is translated into an elegant gift box for you to present to your loved ones.

Embark on a sensory journey with keepsakes that are a reflection of the sophistication and elegance synonymous with our brand.