788 AED

A delightful gift for the arrival of your little one or for a baby shower or birthday, discover this elegant all in one hamper, with the best handmade sweets Forrey and Galland has to offer!


The baby boy hamper contains:

  • One sachet of Vanilla Sable (100g)
  • A Blue box filled with Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • A Cubic box filled with White Glazed Almond (100g)
  • A Cubic box filled with Dark Glazed Almond (100g)
  • A transparent box of Dark Chocolate Tuiles
  • One piece of heart shaped cookies
  • A Baby blue striped box containing a Scented Lavender Candle
  • A cute Teddy Bear
  • A Transparent Bombonniere filled with cookies and a special Blue Bombonniere

At Forrey and Galland we select only the best ingredients from all over the world to ensure an exceptional experience. While remaining true to the French tradition of creating these wonderful sweet treats, our culinary artists have also infused oriental flavours inspired by the local culture for a unique taste.

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