Celebrate the Arrival of Your Little One

Baby Shower Hampers for a boy

Baby showers are a precious way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a newborn. The concept first started as early as the 1800s and the term was coined from the gift-giving tradition, where people would ‘shower’ the mother-to-be with gifts. 

Now celebrated around the world, baby showers are an exciting time that brings together your loved ones – and the celebrations are equally as sweet. 

Let Forrey & Galland make your special day every bit more memorable with our bespoke baby shower services. Our one-of-a-kind sweet boudoir table will amaze your guests, offering the finest selection of locally handmade confections to indulge in. Adorn your table with our delectable chocolates, embellished dates, macaron towers, petits choux, eclairs, tarts and more, made just for you.  

Our setup also caters to your event decor, dressing your baby shower table with an elegant and timeless collection of accessories that align perfectly with your theme. Our accessories are made from high-quality material, making them a precious keepsake of your special day. 

We are entrusted with every celebration, offering a range of unique giveaways and personalised gifts filled with our handmade creations – a special memento that will even let your guests cherish the big day!

For more information on our baby shower offerings, please contact our boutique at info@forreygalland.com or send a WhatsApp to 050 530 8306

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