Our unique ingredients

our unique ingredients

Explore our unique ingredients:

At Forrey & Galland, our culinary artists believe the journey to an excellent palette of flavors begins with exceptional ingredients. Sourcing the finest ingredients from across the globe, we create a world of unique flavours married with our chocolate creations.

With original flavours such as crushed rose petals, spices, fruits, halawa, jasmine tea and more, all of our creations are a true delicacy. 

Each chocolate had its own story according to its unique ingredients. We carefully select the country of origin that we associate specific ingredients with like a special type of flower or spice. From fresh leaves of mint from Morocco to decadent halawa sourced from Oman. 


Discover a sensation of flavours and create your own box of unique chocolates. 

For more information, please contact 0433988 or send a WhatsApp to 056 434 7914



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