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Enjoy the best Forrey and Galland has to offer with our sugar-free box filled with 32 pcs of handmade chocolates! Employing our cutting-edge creativity and craftsmanship, our sugar-free chocolate collection allows diabetics and those with low-calorie dietary restrictions to indulge in our artisanal confections. Select from our bestsellers or fill your box with our range of breathtaking flavours.

With exquisite flavours and natural ingredients carefully selected from around the world, our chocolates have become a symbol of luxury. Fill your box with our range of breathtaking flavours including, milk and dark chocolates, rose, dates, coffee, rahash and more. Our culinary artists use premium milk and dark chocolate with a touch of oriental flavours. This is what makes our sweet creations so special. All our chocolates are handmade and use natural fresh ingredients from all over the world.

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